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62M-414347 Ø45(42) Mercury Welding Roller Head For Welding Machine

62M-414347 Ø45(42) Mercury Welding Roller Head For Welding Machine

62M-414347 Welding Roller

Machine Welding Roller

Mercury Welding Roller

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Welding Machine Spare Parts
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Welding Roller
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62M-414347 Ø45(42) Mercury Welding Roller Head For Welding Machine


Mercury-Free Welding Roller


The 62M-414347 Ø45(42) Mercury Welding Roller Head is an innovative component designed for welding machines, offering extended features and benefits:

  1. Enhanced Welding Performance: The 62M-414347 welding roller head is engineered to deliver exceptional welding performance. Its precise and stable rotation ensures consistent weld quality, allowing for efficient and high-quality welds.

  2. Mercury-Based Design: This welding roller head incorporates mercury in its construction, providing unique properties that enhance welding capabilities. The presence of mercury enables improved conductivity and heat transfer, resulting in enhanced weld penetration and bonding strength.

  3. Optimal Compatibility: The 62M-414347 welding roller head is designed to be compatible with a wide range of welding machines. It can be easily integrated into various welding setups, making it a versatile choice for different welding applications.

  4. Durable and Long-lasting: Built with high-quality materials, the welding roller head exhibits exceptional durability and longevity. It is resistant to wear, corrosion, and heat, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging welding environments.

  5. Precise Welding Control: The 62M-414347 welding roller head offers precise control over the welding process. It allows for accurate positioning and manipulation of the weld, enabling welders to achieve the desired results with greater precision and consistency.

  6. Efficient Heat Dissipation: With its optimized design, the welding roller head effectively dissipates heat generated during the welding process. This helps prevent overheating and ensures stable welding conditions, reducing the risk of weld defects and improving overall weld quality.

  7. Safety Considerations: While the mercury-based design enhances welding performance, it is important to handle the 62M-414347 welding roller head with proper safety precautions. Operators should follow recommended safety guidelines to minimize exposure to mercury and ensure a safe working environment.

The 62M-414347 Ø45(42) Mercury Welding Roller Head offers advanced features and capabilities to optimize welding processes. Its compatibility, durability, and precise control make it a valuable tool for achieving high-quality welds in various welding applications.


Made from European copper material, aircraft bearing, American sealing material, interior wall composite plating and special electric brush material, this mercury-free welding roller is applicable for using with welders.
Welding roller size  
1 Φ45(Φ42)
2 Φ52(Φ47)
3 Φ52(Φ49)
4 Φ59(Φ56)
5 Φ65(Φ62)
6 Φ73(Φ70)
7 Φ99(Φ91)
8 Φ99(Φ90)


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